Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why shouldn't you use deodorant if you have kidney disease?

I have a tube of Suave deodorant right in front of me and it says in the Drug Facts panel, "Ask a doctor before use if you have kidney disease." I DON'T have kidney disease, but I would like to know what effect it might have on someone with kidney disease if they are putting deodorant under their arms!

Why shouldn't you use deodorant if you have kidney disease?
Perspiration is one of the human body's way to eliminate toxins. If you have a kidney disease you cannot filter out and eliminate them adecuately so perspiration becomes more important, and an antiperspirant will jeopardize this function.
Reply:Interesting! I will find out though.
Reply:u dont need it 4 1 thing
Reply:I think it's the aluminum in it, but im not sure, they do have crystal deoderant that is 100% harmless, but you should ask your doctor to make sure
Reply:it has to do with the metal content in deodorant. i have heard better to rub milk or magnesia on your pits!
Reply:you should probably ask your doctor. my guess is that it probably reacts with the medicine people might take? anyway im not sure about that.


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