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What else can you wear after putting on deodorant on your armpits to stop them from perspiring?

I always have worn the same deodorant (Secret)...and it works, but I don't know if it's the weather or the type of shirt/blouse I'm wearing or what but sometimes one or both my armpits perspire after putting on deodorant. rarely but when it happens it's so annoying and I want to know what else I can put on when that happens...please help! i've heard to try to scrup a slice of lime on there but that sounds nasty...any suggestions?

What else can you wear after putting on deodorant on your armpits to stop them from perspiring?
Try Teen Spirit I had the same problem but once I used a deodorant made for teens well... problem resolved!!!

There is also a roll on called Certain Dri that treats excessive perspiration.You apply it at bedtime %26amp; don't apply right after shaving (it HURTS!!). You can buy it at Walgreens, CVS,Walmart. It is Dr. recommended.
Reply:Yes, Liquid Anti-perspirant would really work. Report It

Reply:I am so glad that you asked this question. I have the exact same problem as you and it is embarrassing! I've tried everything and nothing seems to work! You are getting great advice %26amp; I can't wait to try it out :)
Reply:Clothes that breath, like cotton, don't use those vinyl imitations besides tastless they sure make you sweat!
Reply:You say your deodorant works but it sounds like it does not contain an antiperspirant. Try a different brand. Or sprinkle a Little baby powder on after the deodorant.
Reply:I use Mitchum brand deoderant/antipersperant. it's the only brand that has ever worked fully for me. I'm going to let you in on a secret, most people are going to gross out, but whatever. I usually don't shower often, about every other day or every 2 days. I don't sweat or stink between showers. The stuff works. Trust me. They now make a women's brand of it too, but I use the men's unscented one.

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Girls, what is the best and most effective deodorant?

I cannot seem to find a good deodorant that doesn't get on my clothes and prevents odor all day. I even use men's deodorant. Please advise. Thanks so much.

Girls, what is the best and most effective deodorant?
I have the same problem so does my sister. We have both found that it's not so much what kind of deodorant you use but how long you use it, what I mean is try switching brands every 5 to 10 days and just alternate them. I have about 6 or 7 kinds and thats what works for us. I dont know why but its like your body builds an immunity to them kind of like medicine...Try it I'm sure it will work for you also
Reply:Almay unscented gel. No sweat, no odor, no marks on clothes. A little goes a long way, too, so it lasts a long time.
Reply:secret baby powder scent
Reply:I know I'm a guy, but the sad truth of the matter is that what might work for some people may not do anything for you. I think you are on your own here. For my wife, she has deodorants for occasions. The one that works the best she uses daily, but there's no need for her to worry about leaving marks on her work clothes (she wears scrubs) so it's not a "clear" deodorant. If we are going out and she's wearing something that it will matter, then she'll change up. Not sure if that helps... sometimes two is better than one.
Reply:try degree it works for me or use a good antibacterial soap then a clear deodorant.
Reply:def sure!

try mithalin... or ask your doctor to inject ur arm pit to stop it sweating.. this is proven to be very effective
Reply:I like degree
Reply:You can't go wrong with Secret. It's strong enough for a man, but made for a woman. But, make sure you wash your arm pits first, that's a big help 8D
Reply:I'm in England n use Amplex roll on - no marks, no mess and it's cheap to boot!!
Reply:secret baby powder brand ... the best.
Reply:Secret Platinum.
Reply:Mitchum for woman. It is natural and it keeps you very dry!
Reply:I really really really recommend Dove antiperspirant moisture stick... its a cream based dry stick, not like a wet roll on. Really nice, smells not over the top, and keeps you smelling fresh, even the next morning.

Yes, the injection in the armpit works too, its common in Japan and Korea. Little like botox.
Reply:i like ladys speed stick
Reply:I don't know of the best, but I would say that Dove is the worst. It may smell good, but it does virtually nothing for wetness. I very rarely sweat other than in 90 degree heat %26amp; when that happened Dove didn't work at all. Degree isn't much better. I always liked Sure....
Reply:try nivea products.. no odor at all...
Reply:secret sparkle and ban.. it works all day for me.

But if that don't work then I'm not sure take a

shower in the morning or maybe Carrie one around with you

and then attend the bathroom and apply when needed. Hope

i was a help babe =]
Reply:secret works really good and i use the secret sparkle....ban works really good too...the cheap brands don't smell as good and work as good as the better ones


What is your favorite Axe deodorant?

What is your favorite Axe deodorant. And girls which one do you like on a guy the most?

What is your favorite Axe deodorant?
mmmm...the one my boyfriend wears... it attracts me to him like a friggen magnet

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What's the Deal with Deodorant Crystals?

II met a Woman who tells me she does not use deodorant or an antipersperant.

She uses a Crystal.

Its like a rock that you RUB in your arm pits and then it is supposed to stop you from smelling.

It just does not make sense to me.

Can someone please explain how they work?

If they work.

I did not get a chance to get close enough to her to see if she smelled like B.O.

What's the Deal with Deodorant Crystals?
Deodorant crystals do work. I have used!! I used TOMS OF MAINE now it is a natural deodorant. I hope putting the name here is not a violation. I never know what is or is nt a violation..The answer to your question it works wonderfully---But i prefer Deodorants that are natural...
Reply:Hi. Crystal meth might work but that's only because she speeds away so quickly. You did not get a chance to get close. See!


Why does my cat like mens cologne and deodorant?

My female cat loves my husbands cologne and deodorant. When he takes his shirt off she rubs her head all over the armpit of the shirt and rolls around on it. She even rubs her head on his couch pillow b/c it smells like his deodorant since he props his arm up on the pillow.

Whenever I get magazines, she loves those sample perfume ads! She will roll all over the mens cologne ads but not the womens perfume ads.

Why does my cat do this???

Why does my cat like mens cologne and deodorant?
It's like Catnip it attracts her. If you want her to stop buy her some Catnip and rub the Deo. on it and give it to her to play with. In time she will prefer nothing but it and leave your hubby's stuff alone.

Unless you are jealous don't worry about it
Reply:maybe she just does it because she likes the smell of mens products.
Reply:The reason why is because cats have a very keen sense of smell and it is overwhelming her. It is sort of like catnip to them. My cat does it too.
Reply:I'm going to allow myself to be goofy: better that they get attracted to that than to the natural male body scents!

Seriously: cats appreciate fine scents: try flowers: they go bananas!!! and a lot of the perfume/aftershave, etc are made with natural stuff: musk, flower oils, etc.
Reply:Its likes the smell try getting real cat nip .I'll bet it will love it.
Reply:attracted to musk
Reply:My cat does this too. She likes strong scents. She licks me to death when I put on lotion and stuff, she even rolls all over the floor in the laundry room when ever I use bleach in the wash...but she has no reaction to cat nip
Reply:Scent is a big thing to cats, they are very attracted to some and repulsed by others.

One of our four cats does the same thing, she licks me if I put perfume on, licks my Husband when he puts on cologne.

She loves hand lotion and Vicks vapo rub!!

Cats are "supposed" to be turned off by citrus scent...not mine, I actually had to stop use lemon or orange scented furniture polish because she would come right behind me when I was dusting and lick the furniture!!


Removal of white cap on deodorant spray.?

I'm worried after finding many deodorant cans in my teenage son's bedroom with the white top that you spray with missing.Is this a sign of solvent abuse?

Removal of white cap on deodorant spray.?
It sounds very much like solvent abuse . One can with top missing could be an accident , but many of them is no accident.

have you not spotted any other signs , secretive, quiet , moody etc . All I know can also be fairly normal in teen boys but you know your own son and I would have thought the signs would be obvious to you.

What is not easy however is how you approach this without pushing him further away , but you just can't ignore it either.

So try and find a quiet moment where you can talk to him , think through how you will approach this before you speak to him , Hopefully he will realise that he is causing himself problems now and also later if he continues and will seek the right medical help to overcome this.

I wish you luck.
Reply:Yes.. You need the cap to get the necessary spray for normal use .. So the cans are not being used normally. Get help quick, before you have a dead son.
Reply:9 out of ten times yes very much so either that or has a heavy hand an keeps bursting them which i how you approach him though ,it may be a mate that's doing it not him.
Reply:Oh, God. It may be heavy-handedness, but I doubt it.

Get him to a doctor, or confront him. Matter of fact, maybe You should do both!!!!!


Is the Gilette Clinical Strength deodorant healthy for you?

I have a bad perspiration/body odor problem where I would constantly smell terrible even though I always put a lot of deodorant on. Lately I bought the new Gilette Clinical Strength, and it's awesome, I have barely broken a sweat and I haven't smelled at all since using it. The thing is, I don't know how healthy it is, because the instructions say to put it on at night due to your low sweat rate, and it makes "plugs" to make you not sweat. Is that really healthy? I mean you have to sweat to stay cooled, but if you're not sweating, wouldn't that be kind of harmful? I mean, nothing bad has happened yet, but I just wanted to make sure it was good to keep using.

Is the Gilette Clinical Strength deodorant healthy for you?
Just don't coat your body in it. You have enough skin surface area to sweat a healthy amount. Just pits and feet should be ok.

The reason why your armpits and other areas smell when they sweat is your sweat glands in those areas put out oil as well it is "yellow sweat" Bacteria produce strongly smelling compounds as a waste product when they "make a living" off that sweat.
Reply:It might be okay to use. (I don't know because I've never tried it.) You might want to go to a dermatologist though, they may be able to prescribe something to you. I saw a commercial on t.v. that said that something like 1 in 3 people think they sweat too much, but they really don't. I don't know, I'd go see a doctor or dermatologist.


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