Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Best women's deodorant for odor?

What's the best women's deodorant for odor? Secret stick seems to wear off, and I sweat some with Mitchum roll-on.

Best women's deodorant for odor?
I use Lady's Choice deoderant.

They have fun smells and it reduces sweating. It's also not very expensive.

Hope this helps! =)
Reply:clinique dry-form (the stick) is wonderful and healthy.
Reply:secret clincial strength works the best for me and its smells good too!
Reply:degree (shower clean)
Reply:Dove or Arrid X

they're the only ones that work all day
Reply:Arrid and Degree are quite strong,.

They don't always have the girly odor, but they are effective. comes in a more fresh scent
Reply:Secret is the best because it is really long lasting and has different fragrances. I've gone up to two days with secret on, and I smelled as if I put it on daily. (sounds gross) But I was camping and we didn't have a shower to bathe in! lol
Reply:Dry Idea is really good, but I also use Adidas sometimes.
Reply:I'd go for sanex, you'll be dry al day. They have a new one out that smells lush.


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