Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why does my deodorant give me a rash?

I've tried every brand (degree, old spice, speed stick, gillette, you name it) and they all give me this burning red rash. Whats the deal? is there some brand or anything i can do. its says to stop using if irritation or rash occurs...but i can't run around with no deodorant at all...

Why does my deodorant give me a rash?
You are allergic to the ingredients in the deodorant. I went to the doctor and got some kind that is hypoallergenic. It works great.
Reply:try using mitchum gell uncented, thats the only one that works for me all the others give me a rash aswell,, i noticed that the deodorants that give me rashes are all solids so try the gels Report It

Reply:try going unscented
Reply:Try Almay hypoallergenic deodorant. My son had the same problem with rashes from scented deodorants, and Almay worked without giving him problems.
Reply:it means you may be allergic to a certain ingredient of the deodorant you're using. try getting a different scent or different brand. if numerous types of deodorant give you a rash, then go see your family doctor and ask about it. good luck =)
Reply:First, shave all your underarm hair, then rub sliced lemons under them. You'll be citrusy fresh...
Reply:Try AXE, it is the best my two sons use it


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