Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Side effect of deodorant?

I've been using deodorant for years (the spray one, not roll) recently one of my fren told me that it will cause cancer due to the chemical absorbed by the skin.. I dont know whether it's true or not, any suggestion? If it does, then how could I possibly get rid of my odor without using it?

Side effect of deodorant?
Sounds like you have one hell of a problem dude! when you realise that spraying that stuff all over the show! Has now started off a chain reaction with devastating consequences.looked out of your window lately, and wondered why the recent bad weather has wreaked havoc! But my mate i would rather that! than you raising your arm to answer another question! PHEW!!
Reply:I've heard that anti-perspirant (not regular deodorant) does cause breast cancer in women and men.
Reply:I, personally, feel that the less chemicals we put into or on our body the better. There has been a lot of controversy over deodorant and antiperspirants. I use a deodorant called "Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal" which can be purchased at Wal-mart or any vitamin shop. It is made from natural mineral salts which forms a protective barrier against odor causing bacteria. This deodorant comes in a pump spray, roll on, and a solid crystal which you must wet with water before rolling on your underarms. I prefer the roll on or the pump spray. I love this stuff! My 7 year old son is getting smelly underarms and this is what I give to him to use because I know he is not putting a bunch of chemicals under his arms at such a young age.

Also, I have heard that "Toms of Maine" natural deodorant works good. I have never tried it. But, next time you go shopping take a look at the ingredients in deodorant including the "inactive" ingredients. I can't even pronounce them! Then take a look at a natural deodorant. This should sell you to go natural.
Reply:i have prepared an assignment on deodrants...there r few side effects of deodrants...deodrants may cause breast cancers...cuz deodrants work on heat system of body that is they stop prespiration by controlling heat system of body so they can damage heat system of body ...u can get rid of odor by taking bath daily or twice a day and then applying good perfume which will mask ur body coriander daily it'll effect ur body and prespiration will be less
Reply:I've never heard of this, but I remember doctors once thought there was a link between the aluminum in the deodorant and Alzheimer's Disease. I think this has be disproved though. You can buy rock salt crystals from new-age stores that are completely unscented and work very well.
Reply:i think some have been linked to breast cancer too
Reply:Not true. One of those urban legends. Keep using it, it's better than smelling. It's probably the aluminum in the antiperspirant that your friend is referring to.
Reply:I've never heard of deodorant causing cancer. Why would they be selling it if there was such a risk. I've been using deodorant for years and years and have never heard of such a thing. There are "natural" deodorants on the market if you are concerned, but they do not stop perspiring very well and will only mask the smell for a short period of time. I feel those are for people that don't have a perspiration problem to begin with. Stick with the deodorant you are happy with, all though because of the Ozone problem, you might want to switch to a roll-on.
Reply:not true


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