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For girls: what is the best deodorant that you use?

just want to change my deodorant because i don't feel confident to it. what deodorant that you truly trusted?

do u also shave/wax/pluck your underarms?why?

any product that lightens your dark underarms?

For girls: what is the best deodorant that you use?
I shave mine.

And I use axe deodorant. It's for guys but I like the way it smells.
Reply:I use Ban: Shower Fresh. Also i get my armpits professionaly waxed.
Reply:I use dove. Any kind of dove deoderant works fine for me its really soft and smooth and my armpits NEVER sweat with it. And shaving with a regular razor works fine for me.
Reply:I use degree. I do shave there cuz i don't think it is ladylike to be hairy in that place.
Reply:I shave and use degree deodorant
Reply:Lady Speed Stick and Teen Spirit Stick are 2 nice brands that I use and trust.
Reply:Secret. It has glittery green stuff on it. Pear. It's amazing. Never gotten a pit stain w/ it. Actually I never have in my life I dont think.

I shave, because it seems most convinient. And pluck? Ouch! No way.

Maybe try a good lotion that gets rid of "Ashy" skin.
Reply:i use eva deo spray(blush or doll scented).its really good try that.
Reply:Ban is theee best deodorant! i swear by it! it smells great and last 24hours! and i shave my pits but have never tried any lightning products.
Reply:I use Dove invisable solid in the "Fresh" scent.

I live in Florida, so I always shave my underarms. But when I lived in Utah, I didn't shave in the winter. Didn't affect smell.

I think that dark skin is a buildup of dead cells. Make sure you shave with a sharp razor (change them often!) and maybe use a loofa or a scrub to exfolitate. It will take time.
Reply:I love secret deodorant.

i also would try olay deodorant.
Reply:I use Dove in the powder variety.

And shaving works fine for me. =)
Reply:hollodiscus by ammuntie
Reply:re: the deodorant, i actually use men's mitchum in the darker green bottle. i swiped my dad's years ago when i ran out, and i have found it to be a billion times more effective than any other women's deodorant i've ever used, including lady mitchum.
Reply:i use secret platnium it works really well and smells good and if you want to get rid of underarm hair you should use nair, some people have a reaction to it but if you follow directions it works really well Good luck!
Reply:I use ban because it keeps me from smelling bad and i dont sweat as much. Though you said deoderant, then i use burt's bees natural deodorant because its natural and there's so many chemicals in normal ones. Its smells very herby and It keeps you arm pits from smelling.

I shave, there are a lot of skin lightenners even at walmart i think the ones on your face would work just as well underarms.

Shave; don't pluck.

Jolene bleach
Reply:shave my pits -- and use Mitchum; I never have problems with wetness or odor
Reply:I switch between Degree and Secret Clinical Strength. I shave my pits, use light layers if its warm, sweatshirt in cold weather and I'm too busy to be plucking the hairs, it sound painful and waste of time.

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