Sunday, October 11, 2009

Best mens deodorant? no sweat? does anybody know?

does anyone know the best mens deodorant that cause you to have absolutley no sweat. and keeps you smelling fresh?

Best mens deodorant? no sweat? does anybody know?
I use degree ultra dry sport anipresperant and deoderant it definantly works i had some rael sweaty problems before i started useing it but now im dry as ever
Reply:i use RIGHT GUARD cool, it is very good deodorant, and keeps you spelling fresh for 24 hours
Reply:Honestly I use Secret Platinum Powder Fresh Solid Deodorant, and it works great for me, in the past I've tried just about everything from Degree to Speed Stick, being that I too sweat often and constantly and nothing holds me like Secret, like the commercial says, 'strong enough for a man, made for a woman,' You might also want to try Secret Clinical Protection, I hear it works even better, it may not be a man's deodorant, but me being a 100% man, I can say it works better than any mens deodorant I've tried, and it smells great!
Reply:sure roll on it lasts for at least 6 hrs hubby swears by it
Reply:try womens secret deodorant or men degree

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