Friday, March 12, 2010

How many "swipes" of DEODORANT do u put on??

I, personally, put on about 6 swipes (3 up and 3 down) of Degree deodorant .... wat do u do?

how much is too much or too little?

c'mon ppl!! share with me!! :)

How many "swipes" of DEODORANT do u put on??
Dear Nessa: Usually one swipe is good enough unless the amount being dispensed in too minute. Apply some on your hand and see how much you get. As a general rule you should always use an antiperspirant instead of simply a deodorant which does nothing but give you temporary scent without protection.

Mr. M on "swipes."
Reply:i just usually put 4 swipes on each armpit.thanks.
Reply:4 gentle swipes total, 2 up and 2 down with Dove Ultimate clear deodorant.

Reply:i do like 15 hhaha
Reply:one swipe, I use a 6" paint brush dipped in a 5 gallon bucket, I only do one arm pit, the right one, because, I'm right handed and use that one more.
Reply:Hmm ya know i don't think i have ever really counted but probably something like 6 sounds bout right .... i use degree too
Reply:umm like 6 of bAN
Reply:I do like 10 per pit (give or take)
Reply:8, that is, if you don't shave under your armpit (8 up then 8 down)

4, that is, if you shave under your armpit (4 up then 4 down)
Reply:muahahahaha!! I've never counted! But I use Dove. Does that help? Doesn't leave white marks.
Reply:lets see lol like 4ish lol 2 up 2 down lol
Reply:I usually go down, up, and down again so that would be three swipes total. I use Mitchum. Works fine. Not sure though, one swipe may be just as good. I've never tried that.
Reply:More then 5 because you want the deoderant to stick to your under arm hair

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