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What is a good STRONG deodorant for an 11 year old boy?

My son has really strong bo and i cant seem to find a good deodorant for him

What is a good STRONG deodorant for an 11 year old boy?
An 11 year old shouldn't sweat enough to have BO but it is possible if he doesn't shower for many, many days. Be sure that he has plenty of clean clothes so that he doesn't put back on the same dirty clothes. Deodorants mask the problem, they don't fix the cause.
Reply:Have him try an anti-perspirant. I don't use it, I think it's too strong. Just a regular unscented deodorant is fine for me, but every guy is different.

If he's showering night and morning and using a deodorant stick, he shouldn't smell. If he does, he should try anti-perspirant.
Reply:He's too young. Needs to shower more.
Reply:Certain Dry. I get it at Walgreens.
Reply:a good bath once a day and then some old spice lether
Reply:Degree releases extra protection...

Honestly though my cousin swears by Chlorophyllin / Chlorophyll, depends on the store you buy it from. It's a pill and it really helps control BO. As does clothing and diet...

"Eating certain foods or spices, such as curry, garlic, onions, and particularly spicy food, can lead to stronger body scent. Alcohol and caffeine from coffee, tea, most sodas, and chocolate also contribute to strong body aroma." and "Wearing cotton clothing and other natural fibers also allows the skin to breathe, solving some odor issues. New synthetic fabric clothing, often found in sports stores, wicks away sweat from the body, preventing or reducing odor."
Reply:Old spice or Rexona for men...

Vinegar-Dipped Onions
Reply:axe that what my boys use there 11 and 13 i works real good
Reply:I work hard and sweat buckets. I have great results with Old Spice Red Zone and Gillette Clear Gel. I assume you do the laundry, t so a word of warning, the Old Spice tends to leave blue/green arm pit stains in white shirts.

I think the most important thing for teenagers is to have a shower daily. Its the old sweat that smells. Make him do it even if he doesnt want to.

Give him a clean fresh top to wear each day espeically for school as the class rooms get very hot. Cotton is the best to wear as your skin can breath through it. You dont want him to be known as the smelly one.

Lynx is a good deodarant for teenagers. They do roll on and spray. Nice boyish smells and is aimed at teengers and young men so he will like the scent and packaging. Very reonsable in price too.
Reply:Dry Idea (unscented )
Reply:Old Spice Red Zone. Try it. thats some powerful manly stuff!
Reply:Some Axe doeodorant and the bodyt spray and body wash the 3 things cost less than $12


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