Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is a good working deodorant for women?

I need a deodorant for bad underarm smell.

No matter what I try it doesn't work I still end up smelling like sweat and onions.

It's really gross and I'm really tired of it.

I've tried Dove, Secret, Ban etc etc.

None have worked.

Help please?

What is a good working deodorant for women?
first, make sure that you are washing your armpits realllly good with a strong soap.

If you are continuing to break through these deodorants you might want to talk to you doctor. They make perscription deodorants for people who sweat more than normal.

You can also try men's deodorant it you have too.
Reply:none of those work for me either.........I love the Ladies Speed stick
Reply:Degree For Women Works best
Reply:I use Secret Platinum Protection and it works really well, but I really don't sweat much. My sister on the other hand has a terrible problem with sweating. As a teen she had to get special stuff from the Dermatologist. After using the treatments for a couple years her sweat glands adjusted and she is much more normal. My mother has to change her deoderant after every tube or her body gets to used to it. Hope this helps.

Good luck.
Reply:I use Teen Spirit Stick. It really works! Or use Secret. But I recommend Teen Spirit Stick.
Reply:mitchum for women works well, and so does degree
Reply:secret's vanilla smells delicious
Reply:You should try MITCHIUM. The gel one. the solid one makes me smell bad :-( U should also try lady speed stick it pretty good
Reply:Well, if you sweat REALLY bad, try Certain Dri. It's like a medical formula and on the box it tells you special directions to put it on. It keeps you from sweating and takes away your body odor.

Go to to find out more info on it and where to buy it (at places like Target, Walmart, Long's Drugs; there are more stores). It also gives you tips on how to keep from sweating excessively. It's about $5 or $6.


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  1. I used to have same smell like you wouldn't believe, but not anymore.
    I have a terribly bad funky armpit odour, like cockroach smell, so I need deodorant. however not just any deodorant, because I don't want it to dry-up or clog up my skin or give me bad smell afterwards. I've been using UARMSOL deodorant for many years now and I have no more armpit odours. Even when I sweat I don't have any odours, this deodorant works great and I'm loving it. I can't go out in the day without putting it on. Even when I sweat my armpits don't have any smell. I applied 1 pinch and it's all to it for the whole day without worries about any smell afterwards. There's no after sport smell or odour masking. I would recommend it to anyone who has underarm odour.



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