Friday, November 6, 2009

Why dont some people in some cultures wear deodorant?

in my class there are 7 americans and 15 foreigners and they dont wear deodorant why? when we was in class we smelled someone and us the americans all looked at eachother and then turned and looked at the foreigners and they were smelling.

I know you cant smell your own scent and when you do it doesnt bother you but d**n.

What do they have against deodorant, what deodorant do to them ?

Why dont some people in some cultures wear deodorant?
Some people can't use deodorant because they have adverse affects to it, other people just sweat a lot even when using deodorant, or maybe they have another issue like some medical problem.

Depending on their culture maybe its not something that was available to them where they came from - so why not be a nice person and talk to them about it in a polite manner and not to put them down
Reply:billy blaze wears they deordrereant
Reply:Its strange because certain cultures which I'll remain nameless have to SAME rank odor to them. I can even smell it over the powder deoderant they have on..I can only imagine what thier countries smell like.
Reply:I come across some too, I guess its something with their religion....but i wish they would make an exception, because they smell. really really bad.
Reply:stop genealizing! i know an ammerican celibrity matthew mchanughey hottie doesnt wear deoderant stop generalizing i am brazilian which my dad bought me a house in l.a i wonder what youd think of me lol i wear deoderant
Reply:not all foreigners smell bad and don't wear deodorant. There's many reasons some people don't use it. And yes some Americans don't wear deodorant either.
Reply:Americans are rare in their distate for any trace of bodily odors. Humans smell... it is a natural phenomenon. It's just another example of how far Americans are removed from "nature."

I admit though, that I'm an American, and I find body odor offensive as well. But if you walk into a room of "foreigners" smelling of shampoo, deodorant, cologne or perfume; they likely find that smell offensive. Just depends what you're used to.
Reply:being a foreigner I always try to smell like Americans ,,,cuz God forbid if I dont ,I would be kicked out of soceity... also I dont know of any single 'religion' that tells you not to use deodrants... they are available in all third world countries as well ..sorry to dissapoint you.

p.s .. why do american students just jump out of bed and come to class without even washing ,and in their pyjamas

Reply:theyre jus gross lik that. Stay FAR FAR away!!!lol
Reply:It doesn't matter what your ancestry is ... things like deoderant and perfume are not natural. Society has taught us to not enjoy the natural "musk" of human smell (but then we try to copy it in perfumes and deoderants!). I suspect it goes back to when sex became a hidden issue also! If you smelled the natural odor, and acted on it .. then that was against the, at that time, trend to purity and chastity .... so the odor was disguised ... and now its just accepted as the "right" thing to do ...

I'd also like to take issue with whoever decided bras and girdles are good things! LOL ... and I bet men would feel the same towards the person who decided you have to wear a tie to be proper and smart!

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