Friday, November 6, 2009

How do you remove deodorant residue/build-up from clothes?

I wear a lot of black clothes and a deodorant I tried that claims to "not leave any residue" did just that, so now I got white areas under the sleeves of my black and dark-colored shirts (nice!). Any suggestions on how to safely remove it without having to burn, tear, cut, slash or damage the piece of clothing?

How do you remove deodorant residue/build-up from clothes?
Saturate the area with undiluted white vinegar. Rub or scrub gently to make sure the vinegar is absorbed into the fabric. The deodorant is moisture resistant, so it tends to block absorption. Let the vinegar stay on for a few hours or overnight. Then try rinsing--you should see the residue has loosened up. Now launder your shirt in the washer on the normal cycle you use. Hang to air dry, and check the area to see if you need to give it another vinegar soak. You should be aware that drying clothes in the hot air of the dryer tends to set stains, so make sure you treat all your clothes and are happy with the result before drying them in the dryer.
Reply:use vinegar
Reply:i just use a wet washcloth to remove deodorant marks from my clothes.

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