Friday, November 6, 2009

What is a good deodorant for a teen boy to use that doesn't smell too strong?

I'm trying to find a not soo strong smelling deodorant for my young son any suggestions? Thank you!

What is a good deodorant for a teen boy to use that doesn't smell too strong?
If he's athletic, then the Old Spice High Endurance Stuff is awesome,.. accept no substitutes as far as I'm concerned...

if not,. some kind of clear stick or gel,.. the white types are crap and too dry, and the sprays,.. well,. everyone else said it,. they are ridiculous,...
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Reply:Whatever brand you like the most would be OK as long as you get the stick type. The sprays are much too loud. All the teens like Axe or Tag deodorant.
Reply:Nivea Men is really good, but if your sons plays alot of sports, then SURE MEN is positivly the best deodrant around. It has great 24 hr protection, and a very clean mild smell.
Reply:Gilette with the power stripe

My hubby's deoderant works so great and is mild but clean smelling, so I even started using it myself. Works better than anything else I have tried and stays clear as long as you dont cake it on.
Reply:Set Wet Nottie(crazy).It doesn't have a strong smell and it'll suite teenagers,If he's trying to impress a girl then its an even better thing.
Reply:I would say Axe, any kind, as long as it is in stick form. The spray on stuff is the bane of most peoples sense of smell. Way too overpowering. The stick on the other hand is just fine.
Reply:AXE Essence, it is the best deoderant out there.
Reply:I like the Speedstick with the dark green lid.
Reply:Degree is stick form is mild and effective even for men that perspire heavily.
Reply:try CK. good and worth

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  1. I have a terribly bad funky armpit odour, like cockroach smell, so I need deodorant. however not just any deodorant, because I don't want it to clog up my skin or give me bad smell afterwards. I've been using UARMSOL deodorant for many years now and I have no more armpit odours. There's no chemicals, oil or fragrances added. It is scentless but it works great!



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